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virtual tour of hotel

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Virtual Tour-Hotel is a place that gives accommodation on a temporarily basis.They provide basic accommodation, for example a room with a single or double bed,cupboards,table and wash bay that has been replaced by rooms with facilities.All rooms has air conditioning.Extra features in hotel rooms are  telephone, alarm clocks, satellite television,safe,mini bar and facilities to make tea and coffee. Luxury items include bathrobes,slippers,pillow menus, twin sink vanities and jacuzzi,s.5 Star hotels provide guests with facilities such as swimming pools,fitness centers,conference rooms, child day care and social venues for weddings and party,s.Hotel rooms has numbers on the doors so that people can identify were they will be staying. Hotels offer meals for clients were they can have there food ordered and delivery to there rooms.Click on 360 photo to see the virtual tour.

Bed & Breakfasts

virtual tour of bed and breakfast

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Virtual Tour-Bed and breakfast  is a small house that offer overnight accommodation and breakfast in the morning some times it doesn’t offer other meals. Since the 8O,s the meaning of the name Bed and Breakfast has also changed to include accommodation that is  known as self catering accommodation. Most bed and breakfasts are in private houses with less than 10 bedrooms.Clients are accommodated in there own private bedroom and bathroom or in suite bathroom. Some houses have private bedrooms with its own bathroom which is then shared.Breakfast is served at either your bedroom,dining room, or kitchen.Usually the owner prepares the breakfast and have the the room cleaned themselves, sometimes bed and breakfasts gets staff for cleaning and cooking. Some B & B operate in a specific market. Houseboats are used for bed and breakfasts.Click on 360 photo to see the virtual tour.


 virtual tour of guest house

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Virtual Tour-Guest house is almost the same as a hostel, bed and breakfast and holiday inn. Private houses are changed for the use of guests accommodation.Owner sometimes lives in a separate area with in the same property.Guest house may serve as some form of  business.People that cant stay with there relatives or there family because they have no accommodation or rooms for them to stay in usually book in at a guest house. Difference between a hotel,bed and breakfast and a holiday inn is that a guest house has no full time workers.Bed and breakfasts are usually  owned by family that lives in the same premises.Hotels has a staff present 24 hours 7 days a week, where as a guest houses has limit of staff because of bookings are done by appointment. A holiday inn usually has a restaurant.Click on 360 photo to see the virtual tour.