How to make a Virtual Tour

People always ask us ? “How to make a Virtual Tour”

Below is brief steps on how to create a 360 Degree virtual tour

  • First preparing the property or interior before the actual implementation must provide virtual tours in satisfactory condition. Usually sufficient interior cleaning and removing excess furniture to act airy and spacious feel.
  • Second realization of virtual tours,is that the virtual tours implementation is quite a quick process that requires experience. The best conditions for the implementation of virtual tours are during the day with plenty of sunshine. Photographer is required and the technology will create a sufficient number of 360 degree photos in each room realized as a basis for the creation of interactive virtual tours.
  • Third computer processing of this step is the most important and most challenging in the entire manufacturing process of virtual tours. The process requires several different special computer programs that translate the collected 360 degree photos into a spherical shape.This data is then with the help of other programs adjusted to their final form of virtual tours.
  • Fourth the virtual tour is exported to the desired medium, be it a website, a multimedia CD or other. In the comfort of your own home, you can view a variety of virtual tours.

Virtual tours are mostly used in the real estate business, this product is a value added product for clients and real estate agents. Virtual tours are also popular presentation tool for hotels and tourist destinations.